02 July 2007
Interests are gathering in printable electronics (PE) technology, in which common printing techniques are combined with conductive electronic inks to mass-produce thin, flexible and cheap electronic circuits.

A recent report from NanoMarkets, an industry analyst firm based in Virginia, predicts that between 2007 and 2013, a total of 15,000 such printers will be shipped for printed electronics applications.

The growing number of new plants designed to produce printed electronics products such as displays, backplanes, RFID tags, sensors and photovoltaic cells, coupled with escalating R&D activity in this field will provide a huge boost for firms supplying related printing equipment. The addition of new printers to the PE industry's installed base will boost its manufacturing capacity from negligible amounts today to around 400 million square meters by the end of 2013, sufficient to produce almost $40 billion in printed electronics products.

(Via Gizmag)