Sony has just come out with the first working model of a flexible OLED display and demonstrated in SID 2007 symposium this week. At 2.5", the prototype grins in 16.8 million colors at a 120x169 resolution (80 dots per inch), and is only 0.3 mm thick, but still, is a "work in progress". It is made of polymer substrates, and, as you can tell, there are still slight, but noticeable, glitches and irregularites in the picture as the screen is bent. But, still, full color is a big step forward.
A video demo follows:

IBM, who has been known to have worked on this type of technology since 2000, hasn't made any working models. It is LG.Philips who will most likely be the competitor in the arena for Sony. LG.Philips' technology uses a metal foil substrate instead of a polymer substrate.

(Via Gadget Lab)

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