The game to have the largest HDTV seems never slowing down. It takes only months for Miami's Dolphin Stadium (137 x 50 feet, 6,850 sqft) and Texas' Longhorn Stadium (134 x 55 feet, 7,370 sqft) to become former title-holders. On 25 July, 2006, Mitsubishi Diamond Vision announced that it has constructed a 218 x 27 feet (8,066 sqft) display at Tokyo Racecourse in Japan, which can display up to three races at once on the single screen. It costs $28 million.

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(Via HD Beat)
Blogger Sehyuk Im said...
I didn't know that longhorn stadium has a big HD display. I have to check it sooner. Congrat! for your best poster award.

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Thank you, Sehyuk. Very nice to meet you at Colby College. Keep blogging.
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