SiPix Imaging and SmartDisplayer develops the first flexible display panel to be embedded into an ISO compliant payment card, developed by Innovative Card Technologies and authentication expert nCryptone.

During an online merchant checkout or home banking login, the cardholder generates a new, unique number by pressing a button on the card. As prompted, the cardholder then enters the number, proving the presence of the card, and completes the transaction.

A flexible, 0.25mm thin, ultra-low-power bistable display using SiPix Imaging Inc.'s Microcup® Electronic Paper distinguishes this smart card, allowing for increased security, control and personalization.

This flexible display panel recently received the Display Application of the Year Gold Award from Information Display Magazine and the Society for Information Display (SID). Information Display's Gold Award is the most prestigious award in the display industry and granted for novel and outstanding commercialized applications of a display.

See the video for a demonstration:

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