The June 2006 issue of MRS Bulletin features Macroelectronics.

  • "While the microelectronics industry strives to make the smallest possible devices in the smallest possible area, the field of “macroelectronics” addresses applications that conventional integrated circuits cannot: active control circuitry in situ, over areas of up to many square meters, for displays, solar panels, x-ray imagers, surface measurements, structural shape control, vehicle health monitoring, and other large-scale systems. Compatible materials, flexible substrates, processing conditions, and functionality provide grand challenges that are just beginning to be addressed by researchers."
The guest editor of this issue include Robert H. Reuss (program manager of DARPA's macroelectronics program), Darrel G. Hopper (principal electronics engineer at US ARFL), and Jae-Geun Park (Materials Center at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)

The issue include a theme review article by the guest editors and four theme technical articles covering various topics related to macroelectronics.