Daktronics, a recognized worldwide leading designer and manufacturer of LED video displays, recently manufactured and installed the world's largest hi-definition video display behind the east end zone of the Dolphin Stadium in Miami, FL. This display measures 50 feet high by 140 feet wide with a true resolution of 736 pixels high by 2,112 pixels wide, which is nearly 20 percent larger than the one installed in 2005 that was recognized as the largest by Guinness World Records.

Here are some specifics:
  • 4.4 trillion color capability
  • 736 x 2,112 Pure Pixel® resolution
  • 1.5 million full-color LED (light emitting diode) pixels
  • 4.6 million individual LEDs
  • Incredible image clarity
  • Super-wide screen aspect ratio
  • Split-screen, picture in picture capability
  • Live scoring and data display capabilities
A second large display of the kind was installed behind the west end zone, which measures 50 feet high by 140 feet wide. A fascia display, approximately 4 feet high by 2,105 feet wide with resolution of 48 pixels high by 28,064 pixels wide, will also be installed surrounding the seating bowl in July 2006.

You may also want to check this video to view the progress of the installation of the display.