Proceedings of the IEEE, the flagship journal of IEEE, features two special issues on Flexible Electronics Technology (July and August 2005, edited by A. Nathan and B.R. Chalamala).

These two special issues provide a comprehensive review of research worldwide in flexible micro- and macroelectronics. The articles provide broad coverage across two major themes: large area electronics and systems (July 2005 issue, focused on devices, related fabrication techniques, and applications) and materials and manufacturing technology (August 2005 issue, including new materials, substrates, and manufacturing tools).

A partial list of the papers in these two issues is given below:

Special Issue on Flexible Electronics Technology, Part 1: Systems and Applications
  • Macroelectronics: Perspectives on Technology and Applications
  • Flexible Organic LED and Organic Thin-Film Transistor
  • Large Area Electronics Using Printing Methods
  • Progress Toward Development of All-Printed RFID Tags: Materials, Processes, and Devices
  • Printed Organic Semiconducting Devices
  • Realization of Flexible Plasma Display Panels on PET Substrates

Special Issue On Flexible Electronics Technology, Part 2: Materials And Devices
  • Reel to Real: Prospects for Flexible Displays
  • Low-Temperature Materials and Thin Film Transistors for Flexible Electronics
  • Flexible Conjugated Polymer-Based Plastic Solar Cells: From Basics to Applications
  • Toward Novel Flexible Display—Top-Emitting OLEDs on Al-Laminated PET Substrates
  • Stretchable Interconnects for Elastic Electronic Surfaces