19 May 2006
This is an electronic piano you can use with ease anywhere. Those musicians who travel a lot will definitely love this goody!

With keyboard less than 4 mm thick, total weight about only 1kg, this Hand Roll Piano with built-in speaker can be played up to 15 hours on 4 AA batteries and connected to a computer. It can be rolled up and fit in your backpack, and can spread out to a 1m long 61-key board.

The backbone of the keyboard is made of silicone rubber, which allows the keyboard to be rolled up and spreaded out many times without damage. While many ongoing high-tech flexible macroelectronics designs are also based on silicone rubber substrates, this rollable piano might be your first and most affordable flexible macroelectronic device with a MSRP only about $160. No wonder it is selected by the TIME magazine as one of the most amazing inventions of 2005.

Ready? Let's roll and rock!