Title: Flexible Flat Panel Displays

Gregory Crawford, Brown University (Editor)
ISBN: 0-470-87048-6
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd in July 2005

This book includes 25 self-contained chapters exclusively covering the fundamentals and applications of flexible flat panel displays, written by internationally renowned researchers who are authorities in their respective fields.

Chapter list:

1 Flexible Flat Panel Display Technology
2 Engineered Films for Display Technologies
3 Flexible Glass Substrates
4 Barrier Layer Technology for Flexible Displays
5 Transparent Conducting Oxide Materials and Technology
6 Mechanics of ITO on Plastic Substrates for Flexible Displays
7 Stability of Externally Deformed ITO Films
8 Conductive Polymers
9 Mechanical Reliability of Conductive Polymers for Rollable Display Applications
10 Optical and Functional Coatings for Flexible Displays
11 Patterning Techniques and Semiconductor Materials for Flexible Electronics
12 Printed Organic Electronics
13 Rollable Active Matrix Displays with Organic Electronics
14 Mechanics of TFT Technology on Flexible Substrates.
15 OLED Displays on Plastic
16 Encapsulated Liquid Crystal Materials for Flexible Display Applications
17 Cholesteric Liquid Crystals for Flexible Displays
18 Paintable LCDs: Single-Substrate LCDs Produced by Photoenforced Stratification
19 Electrophoretic Imaging Films for Electronic Paper Displays
20 Gyricon Materials for Flexible Displays
21 Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Flexible Displays
22 High-Resolution Full-Color Flexible TFT LCDs Based on Amorphous Silicon
23 All-Plastic Color TFT LCDs Based on Low-Temperature Poly-Si
24 TFT Transfer Technology
25 Markets and Applications of Flexible Displays