Recently, Nokia came up with a new cellular phone concept, “Morph.” This concept with University of Cambridge’s collaboration was introduced during The Museum of Modern Art’s “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibition in New York.

Morph offers its flexible and stretchable properties or may be even an ability to clean itself for mobile phone. Morph will comprise of two basic units: a communications unit and a sensing unit. The communications unit will contain three possible functions: regular cellular phone, video conference device, or ear-clip mobile phone. The second unit, a sensing unit, will comprise of flexible/stretchable sensing screen that acts like keyboard, bendable sensors that is wearable, and sensors that can be integrated with other devices. For this concept to work, Nokia Research Center and University of Cambridge will focus their researches largely on nanotechnology and nanomaterial.

Check out the following YouTube video on Morph:

(via Business Weekly (UK) , The Museum of Modern Art , image credit: The Museum of Modern Art)


Anonymous Bandit said...
I'm thinking, as soon as the Morph hits the markets, then travel via instant teleportation won't be far off