Last update: 15 Aug 2006 today (3 July 2006) launched Macroelectronics Journal Club, an on-line journal club focusing on scientific publications on flexible macroelectronics.

  • Become an on-line library of scientific publications in the field of flexible macroelelctronics.
  • Become an on-line platform to facilitate the interactions among researchers in the field.
  • Foster scientific research and technological development in flexible macroelectronics.
How it works?
  • Macroelectronics Journal Club runs on a Web2.0-enabled platform, CiteULike (see a brief introduction I wrote recently).
  • Citation details of the publications are stored online.
  • Free access to anyone with internet access.
  • Club members can save their private PDF copies of papers online for personal use.
  • Club members can leave comments. Comments can be public (for discussion) or private (for your own record).
How to use?
  • Browse: Very simple. All items in the Macroelectronics Journal Club are here. Bookmark it and visit frequently for latest updates.
  • Subscribe: through RSS feed of Macroelectronics Journal Club and stay current.
  • Search: You can search by title, author, and tag here. Author cloud and tag cloud are available here, and also at the end of this post for your convenience.
  • Discussion: Leave your comments on a publication, or on someone else's comments. This is how we interact with each other. Got some thoughts on a publication and not want to share? No problem, you have the option to keep your comments private.
How to post?

Highly Recommended:
  • Sign up at CiteULike and create an account first.
  • Log on
  • View group, scroll down to find the Macroelectronics group, then "ask to join the group".
  • The Group manger (yours truly) needs to approve your application. But do email and let us know you are in the que.
  • After approved, you're free to post items of interest to Macroelectronics Journal Club. Click a button and sit back. Let the system extract all citation details for you. (works in most cases except.... see Notes below)
  • You can then assign tags to the item, e.g., macroelectronics, flexible-displays, review, OLED, etc. These tags will help organizing and searching items easily. Check available tags first (see tag cloud below). If not there, feel free to generate new tags.
  • If you want, leave your comments/notes on the item.
or :
  • Email any publications of interest of flexible macroelectronics. We will post them for you and acknowledge your contribution in the items.
  • This post is linked at the left side bar of, under "Highlighted Topics", and will be updated regularly. So visit frequently to see the latest updates.
  • All items you post will be stored in both Macroelectronics Journal Club and your personal CiteULike library.
  • CiteULike can automatically extract citation details from many websites (see here for a list). In case you have an item on a website not supported, or not available online, you can post it manually.
  • Tags can not include spaces (for reasons you'll appreciate later on). The default rule to name multi-word tag is "word1-word2-word3...".
  • Everyone is welcome to browse the Macroelectronics Journal Club, but only registered members can leave comments.
Questions and information:

Last update: 15 Aug 2006

Total members: 6

Total items: 59

Author cloud:

All current authors in Macroelectronics Journal Club. Bigger ones are more popular.
Aguas Alam Allen Amundson Apte Arias Arvan Baca Baldwin Bao Becker Bhattacharya Bock Brazis Bujas Cairns Campbell Cao Chabinyc Chalamala Chan Chason Chen Cheng Chu Crawford Crone Daniel Deen Dennler Dodabalapur Drzaic Duggal Dunkel Eliasson Erlat Esler Estes Ewing Fathipour Feist Ferreira Flewitt Forrest Fortunato Foust Friedman Gaderi Gamota Gleskova Goodarzi Ha Hack Hamadani Han Handy Hao Harmon Hatalis Heller Hopper Horndt Hsu Huang Iba Jacobsen Jain Jang Jeong Jiang Johannes Jones Josephson Kalyanasundaram Kane Kato Katz Kawaguchi Kazemeini Khang Kim Klein Klosner Kowalsky Krusor Kuck Kukla Kumar Kuniyoshi Kunze Lacour Lagally Lee Lemaitre Leterrier Lewis Li Lieber Lim Limb Liu Ludwig Lujan Ma Mack Markus Martins Mcalpine Mcconnelee Meitl Milne Moddel Mohajerzadeh Moussessian Murase Murthy Narayan Natelson Nathan Noguchi Oh Olivier Ong Ouyang Parashkov Park Pellow Pereira Prakash Raghunandan Raju Ready Reuss Riedl Roberts Rogers Sakurai Salleo Salzman Sariciftci Savage Sazonov Schaepkens Sekitani Servati Shim Shin Shinaoka Snow Someya Soo Street Striakhilev Sturm Suo Takagi Tan Tanaka Tarighat Temple Tseng Tung Vlassak Wagner Wong Woodall Wu Xi Xia Xiang Yan Yang Yuan Zaumseil Zemel Zhang Zhu Zyung
Tag cloud:

All current tags in Macroelectronics Journal Club. Bigger ones are more popular.
Blogger Teng Li said...
When you request to join the Macroelectronics Journal Club through CiteULike website, please do remember to send an additional email with your affiliation information (just for stat purpose) to:


Blogger Zhigang Suo said...

I've just signed on the journal club. I've also subscribed the RSS feed. The journal club is a great service.

One issue. This morning I posted in my own CiteUlike account 2 papers unrelated to macroelectronics. The two papers automatically showed up in macroelectronics. It makes macroelectrincs unfocused. How do I avoid "polluting" the journal club?

Thank you again.


Blogger Teng Li said...
Dear Zhigang,
Thank you for pointing out this. I also noticed this limitation of CiteULike. Once you join a journal club, all the papers you post to this account will automatically apprear in the club. Unfortunately, the manager of the journal club cannot delete any irrelevant papers.(Only the user can delete their own papers.)

Solution for All Macroelectronics Journal Club members:

-For the time being, please only add papers relevant to macroelectronics to your account associated to this club.

-You can always register unlimited numbers of accounts at CiteULike for free. These accounts can then be used for more of your needs.

Thank you for your understanding!