10 July 2006
Five new flexible display concepts have been recently shown by Plastic Logic at SID 2006 with the theme that “Life is Flexible”.

These five new concepts are from the winners of a recent design contest as part of a “Future Mapping Project” with the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. Sixty Product Design students from all over the world set out to brainstorm how flexible displays will change our lives by 2010. The design concepts cover a wide range of applications in entertainment, work, education, health, transport and fashion, each of which highlights a different desirable feature of flexible displays – thin, light, robust and more.

As shown in the image, first prize won by Turnover (centre). Other prize winners (clockwise from right) were Smartbook, Emulate, Snapmed, Flexinfo and Digital Music Score. See here for the detail description and high resolution images of the winning design concepts.