ResearchGroup series today introduces Organic Transistor Lab, led by Dr. Takao Someya, at the University of Tokyo, Japan.

From group website:

"Our research mission is to realize flexible, large-are electronics based on organic thin-film transistors prepared on plastic films. In particular, we build up a new class of applications of organic transistors, which includes flexible, large-area sensor arrays and plastic MEMS-type actuators. For the above objectives, we intensively study organic transistors to understand their fundamental device physics, namely to answer the questions how grain boundary affects transport properties of polycrystalline organic thin film, what is the fundamental limit of mobility of organic transistors, how flexible organic transistors is, what limits the off current of organic transistors and more. Furthermore, our group also has lots of research activities related to low-cost manufacturing process of organic transistors, where printing, micro-plating, and micro-lamination play important roles. Reduction of device dimensions is one of our central concerns and our group makes an effort to develop ultra-fine micro- and nano-printing approaches to realize lower power consumption and higher frequency device performance."

Related research highlights:

See their group webpage for detail descriptions, including more images and movies.

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