ResearchGroup series today introduces Display and Photonics Lab at Brown led by Prof. Gregory Crawford at Brown University.

From their website:

"The display lab focuses on liquid crystal and polymer materials for flat panel display, telecommunications and electro-optic applications. Before 1960, liquid crystals were virtually unknown. Today they are all around us: they are used for electronic displays in wristwatches, calculators, laptop computers, and are now beginning to penetrate into the large-area desktop computer market, threatening the century old domination of cathode-ray-tubes (CRT); they are also an important component in high-strength fibers; and they naturally occur in the cell membranes of many biological systems."

Research Projects:
  • Prof. Crawford is the editor of a recent published book, "Flexible Flat Panel Displays” (Wiley-Europe, Chichester, 2005). "The book encompasses many chapters focused on the fundamentals and applications of flexible flat planel displays written by researchers who are authorities in their respective fields."
See their group webpage ( for details.

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