All about Flexible Macroelectronics (AFM) starts today a series of introduction to the research groups around the world working on the fundamental sciences and the enabling technologies of flexible macroelectronics.

We inaugurate the series by introducing the Macroelectronics Group at Princeton University led by Prof. Sigurd Wagner in Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University.
From their group webpage:

"We were first to introduce silicon transistors on flexible foils of glass (1995) and steel (1997), and have a long record of developing transistor technology on organic polymer substrates. All of these are entering industrial use. We have been helping companies start their transistor-on-plastic programs. Our novel combinations of silicon thin film electronics with foils of plastic, metal or glass also are beginning to find application outside of macroelectronics, for example, in tunable high-precision optical filters, very-low pressure sensors, and microfluidic chips. "

Research Directions:
  • Thin-film silicon transistors on flexible substrates
  • Flexible, stretchable, deformable electronics
  • Surface microfluidics
  • Direct printing of electronic materials
  • Functional cells for macroelectronics

See their group webpage ( for details.

Note: To suggest a research group working on flexible macroelectronics to this series of introduction, contact us.